Jesus H Christ

There are no bad board games. Just awesome board games and not so awesome boardgames. We played a real shit game on Thur. I was lying about that first bit.  
Risk Godstorm is bad. It’s not as bad as Snake Oil or pimps and hos but it’s not far off. On paper it should be average If not above average but it falls on it’s face as soon as the starting gate is open. I had mixed hopes for it and it was on my long list of unplayed games so off we went. 

Chances are you’ve played Risk. Maybe you’re all fancy and played one of the variants like LOTR (it’s ok) or Star Wars (not really risk) or the Legacy Version (dunno seemingly not bad) well stay that way don’t bother turning this rock over. Move on. 
On paper this should work, it’s Risk Plus with elements similar to Kemet. Gods from your chosen Pantheon can be summoned to aid you in battle, temples can be raised to gain faith points, mighty spells can be invoked to turn the tide of battle. Soldiers that die swell the ranks of the dead and get to battle on the afterlife map. But. It doesn’t. Having read and reread the rules we couldn’t find a way of increasing our faith and buying anything beyond a single god per turn and every turn became a pointless spread out of troops which got quickly mowed down by the next player who in turn got mowed down by the next player and with five players and downtime between turns it became a pointless random exercise. 

The killer of all this was classic Risk is a superior game despite all the bells and whistles. The superfluous additions just slowed it down. The map too was horrible. Every region was impossible to hold. It felt like a map with five Europes on it. 
That said we did laugh our heads off for the first few turns as players rolled ridiculous highs and lows (after which we didn’t) and the game was a cheap purchase at a Knavecon Buy and Sell but it’s still gaming time I’ll never get back. Now I need just to keep it all quiet and sell it off…. 


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