Apologies for the delay in getting back to you, my transport manager just had a wee baby girl on Monday so has been otherwise occupied.  Here’s the cunning plan …..

The U.K. Games expo is on next year on the 2nd to the 4th June 2017. Knavecon is organising a road trip to get there…..

I’ve hooked up with an old friend of mine that runs Executive travel Coaches for amongst others the Munster Rugby team. He’s going to reconfigure the Munster coach with less seats and more tables so we can game all the way there and all the way back.

The coach is a new high spec Volvo coach with wireless internet, recharge points and so on.

The trek starts in Limerick early Friday morning and heads to Dublin where we will pick up additional gamers and get the ferry over to the U.K. Then slide down the motorway to the con laughing, joking and gaming all the way.  We leave Sunday morning and get back in time for tea in Ireland.

The coach unlike Ryanair will have practically UNLIMITED storage for any new games you pick up from the convention.  I’ll be bringing a stack of games from the Knavecon Library to tide us over and I’ll be acting as MC for the trip.

We will be taking 40. There’s room for nearly 60 but we’re going to limit it and travel like Kings with amble space for our husky gamer frames, snacks and gadgets.

Accommodation and tickets to the con we can figure between us. This is purely the transport part I’m talking about.  Plan would be to get a group rate in a hotel and have lots of space to game and have a drink or two after the con.  We have plenty of time to organise that

Total travel time will be around 8 plus hours from Limerick. 5 and a bit from Dublin. All motorway driving so a nice smooth game friendly ride all the way
Then it’s back home to a heroes reception*

The cost for this return trip  will be €140 per person.


So Executive Summary

Knavecon is bringing you to the UK Games Expo.  We buy all the games and come home happy


Who’s game?


If it’s a hit this will be the start of series of Knavecon road trips to all the best cons in Europe…..

*actual heroes reception may vary


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