More BF fun

I haven’t board gamed in a few weeks for a variety of reasons. I have however gotten to play a good bit of Battlefield 1. It’s a lovely game….
Ok some more nuggets of info on BF1 on the PC
Weather affects are very welcome. Rain and dust storms can kick up reducing visibility. Fog can roll in making bombers effectively useless. Weapons become splattered with mud and rain. Water and mud splash as soldiers run through puddles. It does a fantastic job of conveying the misery of tench warfare, cold and the fog of war. 
Unfortunately there’s currently no joystick support. Just game controller support which is just not good enough. In the meantime while we wait for DICE to patch it in there is a solution in the form of an emulator xbox360ce. Here’s how I did it and it works a treat with my Hotas X. 
New to the series are two game modes carrier pigeon and operations. Carrier pigeon is like the games of murder ball from school where one person grabs the ball (pigeon) and holds onto it for a minute or so and scores points while the other team try to dissuade him from doing that. 
Operations on the other hand is like a mix between rush and domination. The attacking player gets a number of attacks and must take a series of points rush style before they run out of men. Fail and they get a few more goes and it rolls onto another map. A second wave of attacks might be backed up by a zeppelin or armored train which will shake up the defenders no end
So far the game is proving to be bf4 with a little bit of Battlefront thrown in but unlike battlefront it’s really good.  
Weapons are proving to be a mixed bunch. They’re a little inaccurate or then again that could be me. Happily it’s not at all turning into a sniper fest with snipers making up the minority of players in any of the games I played
Progress has changed a little now you don’t automatically unlock weapons. You get war bonds (gold) and can what you like. Each speciality has a number of tiers they level up to allowing them access to better weapons. 
Graphically the game is improved. Not massive leaps but it’s still prettier than the previous BF. 
The maps are nicely done with a nice variety of terrain. Mark my words we will be seeing snow in future expansions. So back to the war and it will all be over by Christmas. 
Tally Ho!

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