Only 6000 years ago

Stone Age is a worker placement game with dice rolling for 2-4 players. Worker placement games are funny beasts. I’ve played many fine worker placement games all essentially the seem ingredients but all completely different experiences. Stone Age is definitely one of the better ones. 
The game sees you starting with a small group of meeples trying to gather resources and score more points than your opponents. You do this by assigning them to the limited spots on the map. 

These coveted spots allow you to increase your population, your ability to feed your guys, give you tools that add pluses to your die rolls, build point scoring huts in your village, grab point scoring civilization cards or grab one of the five different resources (food, wood, clay, stone and gold) 
Some of the spots allow space for only a single or a single pair of meeples and Jumping on these preclude others from taking that action this round. This is the primary way to cock block opponents. Early on the birthing hut, farm and tool shop is usually chockablock. Equally the scoring spots are coveted towards the end and the ever popular making out hut loses its appeal for many. 

There are multiple routes to victory and doing it before others is key. It IS dice driven and the games we played saw some epic low rolls BUT you can guard against this by investing in tools which add pluses to the role. Like any worker placement it’s a case of keeping all you plates spinning. Get more population and you need to feed them. Get dudes our hunting up food and you take them away from gathering point scorning resources. Don’t feed them and suffer hefty point fines. It’s a fine balance. 
Some people will dislike the dice rolling but I don’t, it all averages out and the last time we played it we laughed from start to finish of the game. In my book THAT’S a great game. Oh and the build quality especially the leather dice shaker (sorry vegans) is out of this world


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