And one last thing

Couple of quick notes for tomorrow

Doors are open at 10am.  If you arrive early have a wander around, have breakfast, help out, you know yourself

Registration process has been streamlined, no laptop, just pay your money, get your sticker, get raffle tickets, done.

Each table will have a sheet on it marked “Players Wanted” if you setup a game and you want people to join you, stick a couple of jenga blocks on it to show how many free slots there are so people can join you

For buy and sell I’d like to take a pic of the sellers with their name badge so people asking “Who’s John Smith selling Diplomacy?” we can answer.

Buy and sell will kick off around 11 or 12 once we’ve registered a good chunk of you, it’s once agree free free.

Buy raffle tickets to support the event, have fun, drink coffee, teach others.

See you all in the morning gamers!




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