Games to play before you die Part 2


Yes yes I know I haven’t done part 1 yet but that story doesn’t suit my evil plans and I have an evil plan for Saturday…..

There are certain classic games that you need to play, Boardgamegeek ratings be damned, it’s not a popularity thing or we’d all be playing monopoly and ludo.  I’m talking about games that you’ll remember, games that will hurt your little monkey brain, games worth playing and remembering.

Twilight Struggle is the second in a series of these games and for those of you whom haven’t played it yet.  I’m going to be demoing it at Knavecon.  I’ll teach you the rules, I’ll even give you some tips and then I’ll set you loose….

Don’t blame me if it all goes horribly wrong, or if you do just join the queue behind Drax




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