Don’t Panic!!!


Dead panic is a zombie skinned version of castle panic with a lot of charm and a couple of extra bits above the original game. 
Dead panic has you and up to several pals holding out (relatively) cooperatively against a horde of brain loving zombies who have decided to visit you in your beautiful hexagonal forest holiday home. Their sales methods are robust and you’ll need to utilize all of the gear in the surprisingly well stocked cabin to fend them off long enough for rescue to appear

The game is set on a board of concentric rings with the cabin in the centre. Each turn you draw an event card (all bad) which being more random zombies from the bottomless bag and occasionally other survivors. Zombies come in a few different flavors (all unpalatable). Standard dudes who move one space per turn, runners who move two, brutes who move as normal but ads nails hard and crawlers who can slip under your walls without so much as ringing the door bell. 

The aforementioned survivors each carry a piece of the three piece radio (they obviously didn’t trust each other) and when they get to you and your radio repair whack they hand it over. Get all three and you can radio in for help in the form of a getaway van that shows up like the mystery machine on the edge of the map. Get your boys to the van and you drive off into the sunset or more accurately off the edge of the board
It’s a good solid game that will gather dust nicely until you need something to play against kids. There’s not a whole lot here for the more mature gamer. Its coop up until the point where one of the survivors gets turned and then becomes a super zombie themselves and make life difficult for their former roomies. This is nice enough but I didn’t see it happen when we played it. The tokens are nice but dull. We’ve been spoiled by zombie games with lovely models and looking at 2D tokens moving in doesn’t have the safe effect as dozens of badly painted zombie miniatures. You could dope it up with zombicide miniatures but then again stick lipstick on a duck it’s still a duck and if you have zombie miniatures it’s 50/50 you have a better zombie game already. 

It’s fun while it lasts, it’s fun for kids and you can cook the rules a little to make it easier/harder for them but I’m not sure this will appear very often. 
You could add a traitor mechanic or you could keep track of how many zombies you killed each and have one winner but it’s it’s starting to sound like and a bit like triggers brush. I’ll let you decide at Knavecon you might love it 
Nice reimplementation of a good game. Just not a great game

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