Knavecon 7

We have less than three months to the next Knavecon. I can feel the excitement building. We’re going to have a lot of fun I guarantee it 

For all the new people and I’ve been delighted to hear from so many new people over the last few months asking about the event and gaming in the region you’re probably wondering what Knavecon is all about….

Knavecon is Like a big games night in your house with hundreds of games to choose from and hundreds of people to play with. It’s relaxed it’s laid back and everyone there is there to game and have a great time. 

Everytime we run the event we have a bigger and bigger game library and all the latest games will be there to play and more importantly we know all the rules (ok the other knaves know the rules I have a general idea) 

There free coffee all day, game shops, donuts, and the best second hand game sales in the country. We run some events and competitions during the day. Group participation games, a kids corner for the younger gamers and the grand raffle and games auction.

New to gaming? Perfect, we will educate you Want to get a regular gaming group going? This is the place to do it. Got some game that you never get to play normally? This is the spot to bring it out, you’re among friends. Want to try before you buy a game? Chances are we have it, played it and have an opinion on it. 

Knavecon kicks off at 10am (join us for breakfast beforehand) and runs for a solid 18+ hours. Yes it’s a one day event but oh what a day!

30th April, tell your friends, tell everyone, your going gaming with the Knaves and things will never be the same again!



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