Splodin Kitty

Are you special? Are you precious? Do you have interesting obscure hobbies and a bunch of other special, precious obscure hobbyist best friends forever friends? Were you BIG into one potato two potato when you were a younger child? Great news! Exploding kittens will slot perfectly into your collection! 
Exploding kittens is an elimination game in which the occasional no brainer choice appears. I could write a macro for the other players or a flow chart and have the same experience. I’m not familiar with the art or setting but it’s a low grade adventure time/uncle grandpa trippy sort of thing. Once you’ve laughed at the text on the cards you’re done. You just bought a pig (cat) in a poke 

The game sees you trying to avoid drawing an exploding kitten from the draw deck. There’s one less than the number of players mixed in there so it’s last man standing. 


It’s all about card counting and memory. If you’re good at that and to be honest all you need to do really is remember when people played their defuse card your good. 

Every turn you have to draw a card at the end of your turn. If it’s an exploding kitten it’s game over for you if you don’t have a defuse card (everyone starts with one). The trick is to draw as few cards as possible or force a player to give you one of their good cards. 

There’s a number of card types in there allowing you to skip your draw. Force another player to take two draws. Cancel a card. Look ahead three cards and stack the deck.   
There’s a set of basic rules and more advanced. The advanced didn’t raise it much higher. The three games I played were enough. It’s lite but it’s no Great Dalmuti.  

I was happy to have tried it but I won’t be rushing back. Less of this sort of thing


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