Running away to the Circus


I picked up fleas at the buy and sell at the last Knavecon 🙂

Amazing Flea Circus is a Reiner Keniza game aimed squarely at kids.  This is usually not a bad thing for my gaming group as we’ve seen with a slew of polish kids games that have turned out to be gold.  (Maybe polish kids are smarter than Irish adults).

Its not bad. Being a RK game it could as easily be turnip farmers comparing crops or Spanish inquisitors putting heretics to the question.



The idea is to amass as many points as possible in the form of dogs and cats which come as nice little stackable plastics. Dogs are worth two points.  Cats one. (I assume RK is more a dog person).

Each player starts with a hand of five and has to choose and play a card then restock. Players build up a little stack in front of them with the top face up card the only one of consequence.

Play is Uno simple. Play an act card value 1-4 and you can steal that many points from the player on your left with a similar act face up.  No player with the same act? No problem take the points from the center pile.  Once the pile runs out it’s game over, count your points and highest wins.


There’s a number of other card types in there like clowns (you can play multiples of them) , Free Ticket (steal two from anyone), Acrobat (can’t remember) and Animal Catchers that nobble everyone and reset the stacks.

It’s good clean fun.  Kids will like it.  Probably. I have nothing further to say



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