First they get the guns,


Cash and Guns or more password securely correct Ca$h and Gun$ is a reprint of a classic push your luck game called the same thing but with a few less rules.

The game sees you and up to seven chums (so it’s eight player in case math’s is not your thing) standing around a haul of loot and initiating a Mexican stand off each turn to see who gets the pick of the goodies. (unless you live in Mexico in which case it’s just a stand off)


It goes like THIS

Each player starts with a character with a special ability, maybe they can survive four rather than three shots, maybe they get more points for collecting diamonds and so on. they also get a foam gun. Foam so they don’t pistol whip each other.

Each turn a random spread of loot is laid out with one for everyone and having feasted their beedy gangster eyes upon it, the players secretly choose from their limited stack of bullets, half of which are blanks half of which are the real deal. the Don then shouts GO! (but not too loudly because the kids are asleep) or something suitably gangster and everyone points their gun at someone else and freezes. the Don now gets to change whom one person is aiming at and on the Dons second call players can drop their character down to indicate they are chickening out (wimps). Those left standing get to find out if guns pointed at them contain blanks or live rounds (not ideal) and take appropriate wounds.


Anyone not chickened out or shot gets to pick in turn from the loot in front of them. Rinse and repeat for a number of rounds. The loot varies from money to paintings and diamonds that are worth more the more you have in your stash at the end. It’s possible to exit early if you get three wounds so caution and guts determine the winners (and of course the money more accurately)

It’s pure party game. I’ve played this a number of times and it’s bigger cousin cash and guns live and it’s good fun. The gun mechanic is elegant the rules simple. It’s pure filler. My only gripe with the game was the absence of the undercover cop rules from the original (which can be easily retrofitted to the game) which made the original a much more interesting and paranoid experience. All in all worth having and really good to introduce non gamers to gaming.

All good



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