Night of the Wolf


One Night Ultimate Werewolf is a game which on the surface shouldn’t work. If you’ve played Werewolf (possibly at Knavecon) you’ll know it’s played out over a dozen, sometimes more days and nights. This is played out over One night (the clue was in the name). That said its a Long night with a hell of a lot happening.

There’s a free app available to run the game. Get the free app. Don’t bother trying to GM it yourself, the app is very slick and looks after everything for you.

Once you’ve played the base game you’ll probably look at it and wonder how much you can flog the game for. Don’t. School boy error. This is not your basic werewolf where everyone is Joey tight lips about their role. Everyone is vocal about whom they claim to be and its here that the game really shines.

A couple of the roles involve swapping hidden roles with others and the skill is in concocting a convincing story based on the possible roles that may have been mixed in

“I was a werewolf but my role was swapped by the trouble maker so your better off hanging HER! /points ”

The app is clever. It gives a five minute count down to the vote.  After a few games you’ll be using all that time to cover your furry tracks or get everyone onboard to hang your suspect.

Hang a wolf and the villagers win. Fail to hang a wolf and the wolves win.


What makes for an interesting game is you’re never sure which roles are in play just the possible ones so concocting a good cover story is essential

Just like Spyfall you really want to play again straight away after the last game. We found we had to call a halt to our filler game or it would have raged all night. The extra roles add a lot to this game and given enough plays I could see myself stretching out to acquiring the expansion but there’s a lot of play in the base game

One thing that will strike you about this game when you use the app is the amount of time you spend with your eyes closed. It’s like the end of a yoga class. You’ll awake refreshed, energized and ready to devour villagers



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