Higher! no Lower!


Do you remember doing coding in school? Maybe you remember doing a search where you halved a value each time until you got to the number you wanted, a simple index if you will. You don’t oh? ok. Well you learnt something new. This game is like that

Agent Hunter is a cheap and cheerful two player game. Each player has a set of ten cards numbered 0-9 in blue or red each with some nice cartoon artwork of raging agents, doing all agent stuff, like wearing a vest and blazing away with machine guns. As agents do.


Each player at the start puts three cards of their choice face down (called safe houses) and then take it in turns to try and guess which agents are face down on the opponents side. They do this by revealing a card from their hand and pointing at one safe house and asking if it’s a match. If it is the inquiring player takes the enemy card (after a suitable expletive) and places yours on top of it on your side of the board and scoring a point at the end.

If it’s not the inquired of player (like a bad Bruce Forsyth impression) says the agent at home is either higher or lower. Thus it continues until one side loses all three agents.

To make it a little bit more complex if the other side is getting close e.g. it’s lower than 1 the defender can stick down a decoy token (of which they have five) and swap out agents in the safe house.  These tokens are worth points at the end.


So it’s a guessing game, a push your luck game and a deception game. it’s quick and portable and you’ll be bored with it after a dozen or so games, however you may return to it after a break as it’s quick and portable.

I picked Agent Hunter up at Brocon for the princely sum of €6 from Black Kat games. I’ve played enough games of it now to bring the cost of each game to below 60c so not bad value.

There are plenty of two player card games out there. This isn’t bad, it’s certainly worth the cost. If you were a real miser you could do it with ordinary cards but that’s none of my business

Nice 2 player, quick and cheap



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