Betrayal at the house on the Hill


They say variety is the spice of life. I’ve no idea whom “they” are but “they” could be right. They usually are. Betrayal an the house on the hill has variety squared. Thousands of possibilities each time you play.  It’s also been around a while and it’s still popular so it must be doing something right.

The game sees you entering the titular house (bad idea) and rummaging around its bottom middle and top floors (really bad idea) until something Ghostbusters bad happens (I warned you)


The bad could be anything (well not a man eating his own head for example), a vampire attack, the house flying into the air and only two parachutes available, zombies, a traitorous player who’s actually a vampire, serial killer or maybe a parachute etc.

Once this happens it’s everyone for themselves (no change there) and a swift exit or other objective required.


This is a good fun game. It’s fast. An hour will see you done and dusted with the right crew and it clicks along at a tidy pace. Nothing is particularly new in this game apart from perhaps the variety of that what you’re up against. The build quality is workman but more than adequate, the rules simple and the premise simple.  It has a certain charm all of it’s own.

I’d definitely play it again which is always a good sign (then again I have a morbid curiosity). All in all a solid worth a lash game.



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