My Name is Victor and I’m a Gameaholic


I realised Sunday morning after the dust had settled on Knavecon V and the ideas for Knavecon VI were jumping up and down in my head like Billie Barry Kids, I had a problem….

I had bought a lot of games at Knavecon (all of them at cracking prices admittedly, plug plug plug), gamers from my regular group had bought games too…. Had this slaked my thirst for buying new games?…

Pah! of course not, I wanted more.  More,  capital letters single spacing

M O R E !

Is that a bad thing? weeelllll.. bad is a mailable term I find.  To use the clean version of an expression I once heard, “It’s not an addiction unless you’re skinny” so on that basis myself and most of the gamers I know are far from Addicts!

More Games, Better, Now!



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