The Grand Knavecon Raffle


For all of you planning to attend or just support Knavecon I give you the Grand Raffle.  for the princely sum of €1 your name will be entered into our draw for a selection of Board Games which will be raffled on the day.  (early supporters will get two entries for their euro up until the end of March)

The prize fund will be added to as time progresses and depending on support more games will be added to the list and this post updated.  I’m hoping for some big ticket stuff

So to kick things off Knavecon are Putting up a new, unopened copy of Puerto Rico for the Raffle.


Who’s game?


How do we take part?  :   For every € your name will be entered into our raffle.  (you get two tickets until end of March).  local pay me in person.  Whiskey, Rifles or Glass beads will not suffice.

Can I buy Multiple tickets? : Absolutely, Tickets go on sale now at €1 each or 8 for €5.  Until the end of March to start this off we will give you double tickets.

When will the Raffle take place? :  At Knavecon, the Raffle will be drawn

Is this at all like a father Ted Raffle? : No, this is honest and fair, no staff members or their relatives will be allowed participate.  Tickets will be drawn on the day

What can I win? : The prize fund will be added to as tickets are sold, since I expect a number of companies to contribute to it, this will be a very good value raffle.

If I can’t make it to Knavecon but want to take part? : Prizes can be posted out to the winners via Parcel Motel or an Post.  P+P costs must be covered by the winner if they cannot collect or have collected on the day.

How will Prizes be allocated ? : Depending on how many games are in the draw, each winner will receive ONE boardgame as a prize for each draw,  e.g. if there are five games in the draw, five winners will be drawn.

Can I win more than once ? : Absolutely, if you’re name is drawn more than once you will receive a prize each time.

What if no-one takes part? : That’s OK, Knavecon will honour it’s undertaking and supply at a minimum a copy of Puerto Rico

SO, get cracking, get your tickets NOW for the event and take advantage of the early double ticket sale before the end of March

Watch this space



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