Starting out – Learning how to game at Knavecon


A buddy of mine had a fantastic suggestion for Knavecon.  A Beginners group.  So we’re going to do it.  If you’ve never gamed before and are curious about the whole thing, we’ll have a table dedicated to new players and we’ll take you through a few games every new gamer should try.

One of the biggest hurdles for new gamers is learning rules (and for, well me too).  On the day we’ll have someone to mentor you on a few games, so you get fast tracked on the rules.  Sort of like a boot camp but with marginally less shouting and demeaning.

BTW in case you’re wondering the red path went to Knavecon.  yes it did. the internet is wrong.

NOW all we need is a name for the new gamer table…


Knavecon is on the 11th April at 10am in the Castletroy Park Hotel,


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