Raging Royds – Asteroyds


I loved asteroids when it came out in the arcades (I’m old, get over it). I played it. Read about it in magazines (magazines are sort of like hard copies of websites from the late 20th century).

Asteroyds is a fairly simple program it up racer. On a very short timer. Program your ship’s next six moves forward,turn left, turn right, flip over.


The asteroids move. You all move and someone hits an asteroid. Much hilarity ensues. No one loses and eye.  People laugh at you.

Try and get through the four moving flag gates and home before anyone else does.  Simple stuff.

Each ship has a unique and uninspired special move you can do once per game and if you’re feeling saucy you can take an extra move in your turn but you don’t get the benefit of the damage reducing shields you normally would.

The game is all about making mistakes or more accurately not making mistake but having your opponents do so.

It’s grand. It’s not bad, it’s not wonderful, it’s in the green zone. It was very cheap (€10) when I got it and it was well worth the cash for what you get.

You can play out a few scenarios in the game. Racing, target shooting, something else. It’s good enough. The problem is its a bit robo rally but it’s not as good as that. It’s a bit leader 1 but it’s not as good as it.


If you get the game cheaply like I did it’s certainly worth getting but at full price id say look elsewhere for racing fun



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