Ah, breaker one-nine, this here’s the Rubber Duck – Galaxy Trucker


Galaxy Trucker

It’s been a long time since this game hit the table. Someone had mentioned it and I was duty bound to bring it out. Having played it and the expansion a number of times in the past I was surprised how much I’d forgotten


Galaxy trucker is a fun. Light. schadenfreude game. The game is all about laughing and possibly pointing at your opponent as their higgled piggledy space ship comes apart under stress.

(What more do you want. You get to laugh at someone else’s misfortune. Surely this is the fillet of every game)

The game operates in two parts the first bit everyone assembles their ship from the collective pool of parts caracassone style. Careful attention must be paid to how the whole thing hangs together and incorrect connectors will mean a design change and probably losing your position on the starting line


So one ramshackle country design job later you’re the nervous owner of a ship that would make a space Ork tut and it’s off into the oily blackness with your opponents in pursuit.

A flight consist of a series of events. Pirate attacks. Meteor showers . Planet falls. Other stuff that you all try and weather as best as you can. You can be unlucky and parts of your ship get knocked off or you can be very unlucky and large parts of your ship get taken out all to the cackling delight of your opponents.

Once you arrive you score points for arriving first, not losing bits, selling cargo. Having a purdy ship. There’s certainly an element of luck but design decisions and use of power during the mission make for a fairly skillful game.

Each missions of which you play three sees you building bigger and more complex ships from the limited resources

This game is pure hurt joy. It is immensely enjoyable to see someone’s creation coming apart at the seams while you thrundle along unharmed

There’s  a number of expansions for it which is pretty much just more of the no bad thing same.  I have one of them.

I like this game. It’s simple it’s fun and it plays five with the first expansion. For some reason it’s very expensive which is a pity as you should really try it and the price tag is a definite barrier

I’ll bring it to the next KNAVECON and you can see for yourself. Until then watch the skies (for falling debris)



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