What I’d like to play in 2015 – Part 1


It’s a new year so let’s make a set of resolutions for what we want to play this year. For me it’s simple because I’m a simple person.

Dead of winter.
I’ve had this on back order for a few months on Amazon and I got to play it once last year and was pretty impressed.  A lot of zombie games I’ve found tend to be sluggish (pardon the pun), this I liked, it was suitably different

Fire in the lake
I like Vietnam. In answer to your shouted statement I agree I don’t know and that’s correct I wasn’t there. The game intrigues me. I’m not sure how it compares to a distant plain but hey it’s Vietnam. I’m sure I’ll pick this up at some stage and by sure I mean I have no idea if I will but will try.

Capital ships in x-wing
I really like the look of the new imperial big ship for xwing. I thought the big ships were a bit one sided and the transport left me a bit cold but now!  look at it, LOOK AT IT

Now the fact that this is coop might be an issue. I haven’t researched it enough but truth be known I LOVE xcom, always have, back since laser squad. I really liked the reboot of the pc game particularly the enemy within variant. Truth be told if they were selling xcom flavored apples id probably buy one. Someone around me is going to get this game this year and I will play it.  I have no doubts

The Last Banquet
This is another one I’m intrigued by if only by the number of players who can take part 6-26.  Could be a real interesting con game.

Imperial Assault and Star Wars Armada
Nope. Blasphemy as it may be im not really bothered with these games. They’re too expensive. I have plenty of dungeon crawlers and I have xwing. I’m out.

(That said if someone else brings it I may play it)

Right that’s my 2 cents for now, I’ve labelled it part 1 as I’m sure something else will come to mind, until then



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