All good fun until someone gets a meeple in the eye


We have another guest writer in the shape of Agnieszka Radzewicz whom forms half of the Boardgameguys (who coincidentally are not guys).  Boardgame guys are a regular vendor and friend at Knavecon, big gamer fans themselves this is what they had to say about a classic, Carcassonne (which you can’t spell without looking up and you probably mispronounce)(just saying)
Carcassone is a classic among modern board games, and very well-know to anyone who has explored, even just a little, this gaming world. It was the second game we bought after Settlers of Catan and it completely turned our world around. Carcasonne isn’t exactly a board game, because initially there is no board. However, as the game evolves a board is pieced together and is as elaborate and imaginative as the game’s players.

The rules of the game are pretty straightforward which means anyone can play. It’s a great introduction to these kinds of games and it trains you for more demanding games that the future may bring. The game contains dozens of terrain tiles, and wooden meeples, different shapes and colours. As the tiles are laid players build castles, monasteries, roads and watch the meadows of medieval France expand on the table.


Carcassone requires logical and tactical thinking. Of course, not everything can be foreseen and planned, but the element of randomness in Carcassone is very well balanced. Every tile is picked at random but there is a host of opportunities to place the tiles and score points. More points are gained for meeples that are placed on completed buildings or that are located on roads or in enclosed meadows. The scoring is ongoing throughout the game so players are well aware of who is winning or losing!

We love this game, there are whole range of extensions to the basic version which means the game only gets better with time. Dragon which fly around the city eating up to 6 meeples at any time; a builder which allows you to play twice on your turn; a wooden pig which gets you more points for your meadows, and many, many more. It’s our number one choice and money well spent, the extensions allow you and the game to evolve and every game you play is completely different, different tactics, different energy and games can last even up to 4 hours. You will laugh, scream, throw a few meeples at some people, it all depends on who you play with and the infinite directions the game could go.
The only think we find dissapointing in this box are poor graphics, and a fact that this little badly drown tiles allow you to loose a really good friend in just 45 minutes!


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