Official Knifey Spooney

We’ve been playing the expansion for Coup for some months or knifey spoony as its better know in these parts.  Being short of the requisite cards we used either knives or spoons to represent the two warring factions

We didn’t do too bad. We only missed one rule. The one about not being a duke to steal the bribes.

Now don’t make the mistake I made. If you already have a copy of coup and have played it for a while buy another copy of it. The new shiny reformation cards will stick out like a sore thumb at a wake (I know).

The new game plays similarly to the original accept the ambassador has replaced by the inquisitor who is like a mini ambassador (she only exchanges one card rather than two) but with the additional power to look at someone’s hand and force them to exchange it with the court deck.

If this is all making no sense by the way have a look at my earlier review of coup.  WHICH it turns out I never did so I’ll do a review on that then

Anyhoe. All in all Reformation is more of a patch to the original game than an add on. It makes the game better for sure but it’s in no way essential as the original was a cracker of a game. Would i buy it ? Yes. Would I rush out and buy it? No

The Inquisitor adds a few more tactical options. The new character I can’t say I’m fond of. Her ability is a little so so. It’s definitely better than the ambassador but I’m happier to get a couple of other roles in my hand rather than her. That said its early days yet and only two or three games with a game like coup is no measure of how good or bad it is.

It’s a cheap expansion so it’s a no brainier to pick up. If you get it let me know what you think of it. Our group doesn’t play without it now but then again you’re either knifey spooney or your little people




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