One more Click, JUST one more


Hate is a strong word and probably a bit inaccurate. Best to say I’m Annoyed with Limerick Gaming for bringing to my attention. Civ clicker. Just like Ring Virus (the J horror movie rather than anything else that just materialized in your head) I’ve just spread it again.

Civ clicker is a clever solo game all playable on a web browser. You collect resources and try and build an empire.

Remember rogue on the PC from years gone by? It’s like that. Deceptively simple but very playable and mono sodium glutamate addictive.

You start with a couple of biddable followers and commence mining stone and chopping wood as well as raising crops by clicking on the requisite buttons. Later on as you build houses your follower numbers grow and they can take over the boring roles of farming and resource harvesting

It soon becomes an exercise in Heat and pressure as you need to keep your lads fed, housed and safe from wolves and bandits. As the game progresses more building types open up and you get to build stores for the various resources as well as raise armies to attack neighbours (AI) and steal their land (another resource)

Before long you have a dozen different professions for your minions and your spinning a dozen plus plates any of which could hold up or worse still damage parts of your hopefully exploding empire.

Later on you find yourself raising hundreds if not thousands of soldiers, feeding multitudes, raising temples to various gods and then foolishly you undertake to build a Wonder…..


This is a mistake. Believe me. This will consume you. Building a wonder is glacially slow. The hour hand of a clock might as well have yackity saxs playing in comparison. And so it continues. You raise armies expand your lands and population. Your nation measures in the hundreds of thousands if not millions and still the wonder creeps slowly ever so slowly forward. You throw resource after resource at it morbidly wondering if you’re turning grey while its progressing (you are).   Traders drop by and rob you blind so you can push it that one percent on.

Eventually you complete the wonder and… Well you can find out yourself

The game continues but at this point I was done. It’s clever it auto saves (on the device you’re on) and for a screen of effectively just numbers it is incredibly addictive.  The obsessive compulsion you suffer from will feed on this. be warned

Now, I’m good, I got out I finished my wonder but you haven’t, you haven’t even clicked once yet.  If you choose to go down the route of Civ Clicker considered yourself warned.  It’s over



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