OLD School


I remember discovering Risk when I was a strip of a lad. I was hooked. It was exotic and fun. There wasn’t a whole lot of non mainstream games out there and there was no Internet, so this was like a glass of iced water to a man in hell

Some years later I was in the UK working for a brief spell (and bored so very very bored) and whilst visiting a buddy and his then girlfriend in London (strictly a non gamer) he asked me “oh what’s that you’ve got in the bag?” before telling me of the pubs and clubs we would be frequenting that night shortly after dinner.  Still curious about the game of risk sticking out of the bag he asked to have a quick look at it….

We never got to the pub. Somehow a game of risk started and a few others joined in. At four am I had to politely decline the third game and get some sleep. They were hooked, four total non gamers.

Fast forward a few years and I’m visiting the self same friend and his now wife for dinner in their house. On arrival they point proudly to their well worn copy of Risk. There’s more to this story but it would take a full post and I digress.

Make no mistake Risk and it’s ilk are great gateway games. You quickly move on from it to better things but you’ll always remember your first game of Risk. More so if and lets be honest more likely When you get double crossed

A similar game has sat on my shelves for a long de long time now…ATTACK! This Thur I think it’s about time we went old school, dusted it off and let slip the dogs of war



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