ACTUALLY it’s my fish


Hey! That’s my fish is a very simple (and equally importantly cheap) game from Fantasy Flight. It’s a good one for kids (I’ve play tested it with my 6yr old and 2yr old and it’s passed with flying colors) and it’s equally good for adults. Now it’s not quite up there with ribbit but it IS very nice

Do you remember “dots” when you were a kid? A game a step up from x and o where you took it in turn to join lines between a grid of dots and try and complete squares and claim as many of these as possible. No? That’s a pity because it’s a bit like that

Each player starts with a number of penguins (more with less players) standing on an ice flow that’s made up of 50 or so hexes all stuck together which have either one two or three fishes on them.

Each turn a player can move one of their penguins in a straight line (just like the queen in chess). They cannot jump over other penguins or jump any gaps in the flow.

Now here’s the sizzle. When you move you lift the hex from the spot you just moved out of and put it on your stack of collected fish. So you can use your penguins to carve up the ice and isolate other penguins on smaller chunks of the flow with as you guessed fewer fish.

The game continues until all of the fish that can be collected are. Add up your score and the highest is the winner

It’s simple it’s fun. It’s good enough. At €13 it’s good value. Setting up the board is a bit of a pain and removing the hexes from the middle of the flow is awkward but all in all worth a visit. I’ll try it on thur with some slightly more mature players and see how it goes down




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