MrSaturday Turns 40 Part 2


It’s actually today, so it seems appropriate 

This is part two of my report on the gaming events from last weekend’s epic gaming sessions

Next up was

Ca$h and Gun$ live


If ever there was a stupid ass game this is it.  Each turn the GM counts out an amount of cards equal to the standing players on the back of which is a monitory amount  5k – 20k and hidden on the front is either a

  • Knife
  • Kevlar
  • Grenade
  • Handgun
  • Double Handgun
  • Shotgun

Each of the players get to move around and when the GM blows the whistle they all Stop and point their guns at another player, by THEIR guns I mean they pretend they have certain guns, which may or may not match their actual weapon cards.

At this point people get a chance to chicken out (quite intimidating to have half a dozen guns pointed at you)

Then in order the weapons are resolved

Knife wielders can reach out and stab someone

Grenades turn around on the spot and anyone they touch gets hit by the grenade

Single guns go next injuring those they’re pointed at

then double guns

then shouguns that do double damage

Kevlar stops all bullets bar shotguns


Each shot cancels the person who got hit from firing with their weapons next. so for example if one player was shot with a single gun the target wouldn’t get to fire their shotgun later on.

Players who get injured are sent to the hospital for a round and these along with they who wimped out don’t get a share of the cash.  Rinse and repeat for six rounds.  

It’s actually great fun, at one stage a veritable conga line formed as people pretended they all had grenades.

now as the GM I got the rules fairly wrong it must be said, but it didn’t matter we all had fun and it worked well.  The game should have had teams and the exact order in which things happened should have been different but so what.  Come Knavecon 4 this will definitely be on the cards.  It’s a goodie



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