An Occasional Good Idea – Gaming Tokens



Occasionally I come up with a good idea, you’ll have to be patient another one isn’t due for a while….

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A lot of boardgames we play have coins in them. Usually (with the exception of Age of Empires III) with cheap nasty cardboard coins or worse still flimsy paper notes.  I can’t be doing with it.  If I’m going to cough up coin for something in a game I want something solid. So here was my plan

I wanted to get a set of coins, metal ones I could re-use in any game.  It struck me that there are some really funky real world currencies out there, some with holes in them (check the pic) and some with eagles but unfortunately no dragons (that I know of).

My constraints were

  1. Had to be Cheap
  2. be Cool looking
  3. and be Cheap

I put a post on boardgamegeek and a few people suggested using Mexican or Japanese coins.  I was very impressed with BGG, within a short time I had hooked up with someone in Toyko who said he’d send me a stack of coins fresh from the bank in exchange for boring old euros.  The exchange rate it very low for Yen.

As it turned out getting money to him was difficult so I got him something else, a set of replacement meeples for a game he had and lo and behold true to his word a stack of yen arrived today.

It’s PERFECT for gaming currency, looks funky, isn’t too heavy but has that nice authentic money feel to it.



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