Dungeons and Donuts


I had the pleasure last weekend of a long overdue visit to Dungeons and Donuts in Galway.  What a Fantastic spot !

As you probably know  D+D will be appearing at Knavecon once again.  Anyone who was at the last one will well remember D+D.  I consider myself a bit of a donut connoisseur and I can honestly say hand on heart there is no finer donut to be had in the country.  I kid you not.


D+D Galway is a very cosy, laid back, friendly spot.  There’s a fine selection of Boardgames, cardgames, warhammer and hobby paraphernalia on sale.  There’s also a nice selection of library games there, I spotted a few classics like Heroquest and Relic.

What I really like about the place is the atmosphere.  When I arrived the owner was relaxing and enjoying a game of Waterdeep with the customers and shooting the breeze.  This is what gaming and Knavecon are all about.  No-one was there to hassle you or push sales on you.    I grabbed a coffee and a donut and I perused the shelves, chatted with a few of the lads and left happy and satisfied.

The guys have got a great thing going on in Galway, they have a brillant gaming area and a well attended gaming club.  I’m only sorry I couldn’t stay to game with them.  If you find yourself in Galway, make it your business to call to them.   I understand Ronan is hard at work on a signature Knavecon Donut……

Ronan : “So how many donuts will you need for Knavecon?”

Victor : “All of them Ronan, ALL OF THEM”





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