I’ve been swapping boardgames on Boardgamegeek for a number of years now.  It’s a great way (if you’re not the type who thinks every game should be a hostage) of getting new games cheaply.  I’ve done it over forty times without a hitch.   I’ve had delays (It seems that Canada sends it’s packages to Ireland by sea whilst we fly them) but I’ve never lost or not received a package…. Well until now.

I got involved in a trade before xmas for a game I’ve been after for some time (but didn’t want to shell out for), Descent, second edition.   My trade partner received my package before xmas and then it went silent….

I contacted him, we waited, waited and then realised something was up.  Since there was no tracking on these packages it wasn’t possible to find them so he contacted Royal Mail and there’s a long process of recovering the value of the package which takes months to complete.  The hell with that.  I kept in touch with my tradee and we agreed a deal…

This morning true to his word this arrived



For me this reinforces what I think of gamers, they are (in general) a decent sort

Now I reckon after we warm this game up on Thur it will be front and centre for Knavecon




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  1. Just my luck; a game I’ve been dying to play for a long time (all the Terrinoth games seem to be great) and it will fall on a Thursday when I’m working again 😦

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