Seven Minute Abs


I’ve acquired Eight Minute Empire, nothing to do with abs or anything hasty like that, but the name keeps reminding me of the scene in “There’s something about Mary”


Eight Minute Empire is a filler game that (in theory) can be played in eight minutes.  Like the pirate code it’s more a guideline.  It will take a good twenty minutes to play and that’s fine.

It’s a map based, simple empire game (I love a good empire game me) where you struggle with others to control more and get more points at the end.  What’s not to like?

A test drive on thur night is in order I think.  Expect this front and centre at Knavecon




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One thought on “Seven Minute Abs

  1. Played this in two-player mode last night, thought it was good fun. Got in three games before playing Pillars of the Earth and a few rounds of Love Letter.

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