10000000 (ten million), is a deceptively simple little game for the iphone. You awake (in a very nice bed) in a dungeon and have to earn 10m to escape. the 10m btw is your BEST score from a run not your total, just so you know (took me a while to figure that out) it’s a bit like puzzle gem or whatever it’s called where you try and get 3 in a row, 4 is better, 5 even better for something to happen, a BIT like tetris and a bit like gnome stones. up the top your character runs across the screen and encounters either locked doors/chests or enemies of different strengths which get tougher the further you progress Whilst this is going on in the corner of your eye you have to

  • match swords – deal damage to enemies
  • wands – deal damage to enemies
  • Keys – unlock locks Shields – protect yourself
  • Wood + Stone – Repair your castle
  • Chests – unlock stuff like keys and one off damage items

when enemies hit you they knock you back or if you get stuck behind a chest/door you slowly drift back, fall off the edge of the screen and it’s back to bed and your run is over and you count up how much you’ve made for your run.  Stone and Rock is used to unlock ‘shops’ where you can buy bigger and better stuff so all in all it’s kill enemy, get loot, buy bigger sword, meet bigger enemy, rinse repeat.  all standard stuff What’s fun about this game is it’s quick, you can play a run in a few minutes and there’s a great sense of progression as you level up and acquire more stuff, plus there’s a great one more go about the whole thing


This is a great little game, quick, cheap with a real one more go feel to it, once you complete it however you’re not going to play it again

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