Through the Ages online


THIS is a work of genius.  A buddy of mine at a wedding recently alerted me to the online version of this game.  I had been threatening to learn how to play it for years but never got around to it despite having played a full game of it a few years back.  My impression of it then was a fantastic game and now…. well I have nothing but respect for it.  It is the ultimate work placement game with a large dollop of cock blockery thrown in for good measure.

In essence it’s a civilization type game without a map. And while a game like this shouldn’t work (where’s the map?) it does in spades.

The online version features several flavors of the game. The community of players are friendly and great fun to plan with and in a lot of case are Extremely good at this game.

There’s an online league which I haven’t tried yet.  It can be played on any device you care to mention.

For those of you looking at the basic graphics and wondering what the fuss is about I recommend you give it a lash and come back to me


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