Knavecon IV ROCKED!


What Made Knavecon IV great?

The venue ?  Fantastic, best venue so far, layout was great, big, airy, the reception room for chill-out, game demos, buy and sell and coffee worked a treat.  The tables were way better than the last setup and we had ample space.  Hotel Staff were great.

The Games? We had a great selection of games on the day, more than last time, some great games were played.  I LOVED Rampage, what a crazy, silly game, (Which one of the lads rushed to Galway the next morning and bought a copy and it will be appearing this Thur at Thur night games!).  I loved cockroach salad (It just hated me).

The Helpers? We had a lot more people on hand to speed up registration, help with game demos, move stuff and generally offer advice (I don’t believe anyone said “don’t trust Vic” once at the con, they’re slipping)

The random events?  People in dressing gowns wandering down from the Spa, Wedding guests strolling in and quickly strolling out, men with bagpipes tuning up

The traders? Some great games on offer from our traders, thanks guys for making the trip


These all helped but it was the people who came on the day, got stuck in and gamed gamed gamed until the wee hours.

Every time Knavecon is run we learn more about what you want, what we do wrong and what we do right and we always try and make the next one that bit better.  Knavecon V is going to be a milestone for us.  Preparations are already afoot for it and it’s going to be the best one to date.

Knaves (anyone who came is a Knave), you came, you gamed, you rocked.  I salute you!



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Holy Monkeys only 3 days to Knavecon IV


Next Saturday is Knavecon IV.  It’s going to be a GOOD day.  A lot of work has been put in place to make sure it all runs smoothly and I’m looking forward to it.  I’m currently in the eye of the storm having done a lot of prep work and come Saturday I’m looking forward to a good, extended, relaxed day of drinking coffee, eating rubbish and playing some awesome games, more than likely against people who don’t know me that well and have not been told “don’t trust Vic”.

The stage is set, the wheels are in motion, additional generic metaphor.

Let’s rock up, kick some ass and take names

See you all on Saturday!




on an X-Wing and a prayer (just an X-Wing really)


Ok I’m hooked. X-wing fever has caught hold. A sure sign is how my browser (on a number of PCs) seems to think I want squad builder when I press any letter on the keyboard.

Being silly season, we were only four last Thur and when deciding on what to play nearly everyone said “X-wing!” And so it was

No 100 point battles for us. 200pts a side? PAH! It was a full on, leaded, tackle out, no holds barred, stomp a man when he’s down 300pts a side! A real mans game and we were real men

Now X-wing is great. Lovely fantastic super but it DOES take time to setup. I reckon we were well over half an hour just setting the whole thing up powered by multiple coffees , co-operation (still getting over that) and good cheer (Drax didn’t make it), Well worth the set-up entrance fee

photo 1

The Imperials (not me) took

2 x FireSprays
1 x Tie advanced
1 x Lamda class shuttle
3 x Tie interceptors (maybe it was 4)
1 x Tie Defender
1 x Tie Phantom

All top class ships none of your tie fighter muck here. All kitted out with CD players, air con and cruise control. In other words we have the models let’s throw them out there and see what happens.

On the rebel scum side (me)

6 x X-wings. Count them
The falcon
1 x Y Wing
1 x A wing

photo 2

The rebels had gone heavy missile so it was going to be noisy and fast.

Our team in the grand tradition had ignored each other during squad design and just picked our ships as the mood took us

The plan from the rebel side was to hang back and let rip with all the missiles so it was slow movement across the board whereas the imperials were straight in with the absolute bare minimum of kissing.

Initial fire from the rebels was sketchy scoring very little damage while the imperials were de-shielding left and right. I immediately took the smart route of blaming my team mate for his obvious lack of commitment and our current misfortune.

Funny enough this seemed to pay dividends and Vader in his tie advance took a nasty paddling from his young fella and his equally nasty smuggler bud.

photo 5

Having seen Vader cause a lot of trouble in earlier games I was determined to fix his wagon. Another round saw him wink out and the falcon started a slow steady tour of the battlefield with Luke side by side

At this point everyone was close up and it quickly degenerated to shillelagh law and their were wigs on the green. The tie interceptors menaced while the two firesprays lumbered around surrounded by a pride of x-wings. The x-wings harried the Firesprays like a pack of rabid dogs and eventually brought both of them down with very little damage to themselves. The A-wing cashed in its chips pretty quick. Doing what it always seems to do. Zoom around looking flashy but quickly getting smacked down like the dog in foghorn leg horn.

The phantom was a nasty contender combined with someone who knew how to use it (i.e. Not me). It started to take a toll but couldn’t hope to compete with the massed forces of all those x-wings.

Meanwhile the falcon was knocking out ships for sport. The 360 degree turret fire on it was devastating along with the re-rolls. The lamda shuttle overshot and proved hard to get back into the fight. It’s a sluggish beast and we half expected to hear beep beep beep sounds as it turned and manoeuvred.

By the time it had got back in the fight the falcon had hovered up the opposition. Once the phantom cashed in its chips it was all over bar the shouting.

The shuttle proved small beer and Luke doggedly pursued and smacked it down

At the end we had three serviceable x-wings and a perfectly fine falcon, the imperials were nowhere to be seen. (so we couldn’t’ actually see them)

The killers of the night had been Luke and the Falcon. The phantom and tie defender had been nasty but again that’s the beauty of this game. The same combo up against a different (for fun lets say better) opponent would prove a different prospect.

Make no mistake this is a fantastic game. Id go as far as to say this is the future shape of table top. Yes yes that’s heresy but I’m seeing a trend where players are for one reason or another (kids) becoming less connected with full on games like Warhammer and are drifting to fast tabletop fixes like x-wing. But Hey! That’s gaming, it’s a cauldron that’s constantly stirred by new innovations and it’s great to see x-wing doing so well. If fantasy flight continue to deliver expansions as good as the ones to date this game will be around for a very long time to come and I for one am more than happy with that



photo 4

Never tell me the odds!


I’ve spoken before about X-Wing miniatures game.  It’s a cracker.  Fantasy Flight have really nailed it with this.  It’s Skylanders for grown ups.

When I say they’ve nailed it they’ve gotten everything right.

  • Gorgeous pre painted scale models of the ships – CHECK!
  • Great game play – CHECK!
  • Captures the feel of Star Wars – CHECK!
  • it doesn’t stray near episodes 1-3 – CHECK!
  • It’s relatively  inexpensive – CHECK!

The more I play this game the more I like it and to be honest I had better, I’m pot committed on it having been swayed by the beauty of the models.  Between myself and my x-wing buddy (there are no buddies in gaming) we’ve amassed a good collection of models and last Friday night was a chance to get in a few games.

I’d picked up a few new models from the second and third waves over the last few months and they’d sat gathering dust on my gaming shelf.  Time to crack them open!

Coming to the party were the B-Wing and the New Imperial Phantom.    I’d played a few small games of it at Brocon and had a thirst for more.  The games at Brocon were straight out of the starter kit, One X-Wing versus Two Tie Fighters.

If X-wing were a Massive Multiplayer Game then the B-Wing would be a Tanker.  A slow slugger than can take one for the team.  It’s dog slow and gets stressed very easily.  You can equip it with a range of missiles and it can really pack a punch.

photo 1
In hindsight showing my hind was a mistake

Now the phantom is a fighter in MMO parlance. It’s nimble. It can deal out a paddling like it was making butter but it can’t take too much abuse. It’s also got a natty cloaking device which is new and despite what you might have in your head about how that should work from watching too much Star Trek it’s more a big move boost than a cloak in the traditional sense

Now I’m no expert on x-wing so were still at the learning as we go stage as far as what’s a good squad build.  In gaming I find this the sweet spot, where the game is new enough that you’re not sick of it or stuck in a rutt but you know the rules well enough that you don’t make basic mistakes.

For the first few games I took a tie fighter (backstabber)(who’d have thought) and the phantom whilst my opponent took a B wing and an A wing

Just like him I love the A wing. I’ve never seen it do anything outside of running around excitedly like a my little pony but it does look real purdy.  I’ve two of them now so they can run together all giggly and no doubt fall down a bit.

The combo of tie and phantom was fantastic. In retrospect my higher pilot value for both ships was what did it.  The four attack dice on the phantom coupled with a high pilot value was devastating. In the three games we played I was able to deploy last then zoom in with both and take out the A wing then dance around the B wing like it was a fat mall cop

photo 2
Oh OH!

In fairness I was fantastically lucky with dice rolling. At one stage I rolled a crit on my first shot at the A wing and scored two hits directly on the hull taking it out effectively with one dice

The same went for evades. I was having a great few games up until the last where cockiness showed me what a B wing can do up close and personal

After that it was a few A wing v Tie fighter battles. All good

X-Wing is impressing the hell of me.  It’s been a slow grow since I haven’t gotten to play it that much.  It is essentially a two player game and that doesn’t fit well on thur nights.

My next port of call with this adventure will be X-Wing on VASSAL

If you haven’t looked at VASSAL you need to have a google.  I’ll be doing a full report on it soon

For now Huzzah and happy gaming



photo 3
Stay on Target


Assemble the Fleet!


“But Mum! it DESTROYS anything it runs into, we need it ! “

Wise words from my son (who’s name is not Luke btw).  I got to see the Tantive IV and Rebel Transport up close at the weekend, they’re all sorts of awesome.  We NEED to have some of these at the next Knavecon  for our big X-Wing game.

Being the resourceful gamers we all are, I reckon we can make it happen.  I’m putting the word out, anyone who comes to the next Knavecon with a BIG x-wing ship under their arm will get a free Doughnut.  There I said it, it’s now law.

I quite fancy an Evacuation of Hoth type scenario on the day.  Picture it !

Let’s make it happen!


Twiligh Thur – Being a Drax Report


Do you suffer from Roids? A surprising amount of Pilots, both Imperial and Rebel Scum do.  I was certainly suffering badly from them last Thur when I drove not one but two of my Tie Fighters through a few choice asteroids all clearly labelled as such.  The real enemy Star Wars X-Wing miniatures (just like life) are not the other players it’s often yourself…. /Allows time for reader to nod sagely

I’m pot committed with x-wing.  Myself and a gaming buddy (please note: buddy is a misnomer, there are no gaming Buddies as such, just opponents or people if you play it right, whom help you until it’s high time to stiletto them.  Just before they we’re planning on vaping you.  It’s the nature of things) but in the loosest sense of the word a gaming buddy (see earlier) and I have a fine collection of x-wing models which since it’s a mare to separate we’re married in a humanist ceremony some time back and are often seen out together having fun.  It was high time to crack open the boxes they reside in and breath some life into them with the appropriate rules and phew phews.

X-wing is not a million miles (or a long long time ago) from Wings of Glory a WWI Flying Ace combat game .  It’s a relatively new game from Fantasy Flight and as you would expect it has high production values and it’s not half bad.  Ok let’s be honest the game has EXPLODED.  It has very keen models which very importantly come pre-painted.  You can jump right into it with just the started box (which comes with an x-wing and two Tie fighters) and it’s gloriously collectable.

photo 1

There are over a dozen ships that can be bought to add to the basic game,  A-Wings, B-Wings, Tie Advanced, to name but a few, and thankfully all from the original series.  Fantasy Flight have done a sterling job (at least for them) in drip releasing new ships every so often and some of them (A-Wings for example) sell like hotcakes.  Some of the bigger and seriously expensive ships are due to hove into sight soon which will really put the transports amongst the pigeons

A couple of things I like about X-wing.  It’s Star Wars.  The greatest trilogy of all (yes it is)(don’t argue) time, it’s the original trilogy, the models are really really nice. Everything you need to play a decent game comes in the original box.  Also it’s Star Wars.

There’s a fantastic feel to the whole thing, It’s pretty easy to play, the games are fast (depending on size), there’s a lot of variety and it’s edge of your seat stuff start to finish.

If I had to fault the game I’d say it’s a PIG to store.  The models although gorgeous are awkward and like a lot of tabletop stuff easily broken, although, touch plastic, none have for me so far.  (Hi faith, Victor here). You can spend a bit of money and get a decent storage system but it can be pricey.  A few cheaper options are presenting themselves and a bit of imagination can help with your storage woes. Dragging out a lot of models and setting them up for a big battle can be a chore but no more than any other tabletop game and it’s your own fault if you set-up a huge battle.

photo 3

The game can be played as either a points versus battle or as a scenario based game.  Either is good although my understanding is in a points battle some combos are killer and some are weak beer.  That said Fantasy Flight and the greater gaming community recognise this as an excellent game and adjust it accordingly with new releases.

I like this game, I had better really since I’m a few models in and want more, because I do and that’s reason enough.

The game on Thur was a 50 points 2v2 which is really a 1v1 with two people on either side if that makes sense.  We split into two groups each of which had semi-experienced players and me and another player.

My team took Imperials while my erstwhile buddy took rebel scum.

We had Five Tie fighters (one of which was Vader flying the Tie Advanced) and we squared up against two X-Wings, an A-Wing and a Y-Wing in a straight out fire fight in an asteroid field.  (Be careful with them there asteroids, there’s a reason Tie Fighter pilots tend to avoid them)

Our Tie fighters were a mix of academy pilots and veterans and it was straight in zero kissing first turn, plenty of phew phew and initially anyway a nice mix of hits on the rebel shields.  The Rebel Y-wing a real workhorse took a sustained hammering from the swarm of ties expertly directed by Vader, who indeed “has you now”.  Return fire was minimal and all things were looking good

photo 5

The next turns became a bit of a scrum with ships knocking up against each other and worse still against some asteroids and a hard fight en-sewed with very little finesse, just lots of guns and hope.  There was NO flying casual.

Whittle by whittle (see what I did there?) both fleets started to be whittled down until it was just Vader and his youngfella Luke Skywalker and his shit of a droid R2-D2 (who btw knew all long who his Da really was but never mentioned it once.  not once).  Finally Vader vanquished skywalker and after a short robotic cry it was all over.

Not bad.  We need to play this more.  That said we need to play lots of games more and we will

Joined by another gamer we jumped into the very long titled

DC Comics Deck-Building Game

This game is very similar to Dominion, a game I liked initially and now doesn’t beep my jeep at all.  It has some nice pics of superheroes but that doesn’t save it from being an OK game.  My problem with this and Dominion (and a few others) is it’s primarily a solo game, there isn’t a whole lot of interaction with the other players, there’s a bit, but it doesn’t have the whole  “HA! Take take” style of play.  It’s more about getting the best deck together you can before anyone else and it just doesn’t work for me.


There’s nothing particularly wrong with the game, The card quality and art work is very good, the game is fairly fast it’s just…. it’s Dominion clone and not a very good one either.  Each game is the same, you don’t even get to vary the cards  like Dominion.  I’m sure there’s a stack of expansions in production but I just can’t be bothered with it.  It’s a dull game.  I’ll play it but I refuse to be excited.


Funny enough I played Aquaman whom is not as bad as all that.

So in summary X-wing good, DC Comics Deck building game bad if you’re not a dominion fan.

Expect a few more mini reviews of X-wing.  It’s just too good not to play again and again

More of that soon









Thur Night Gaming – A New Hope

Thur Night and it was time finally for an epic battle of X-wing

The Rebel Fleet Lines up
The Rebel Fleet Lines up

We got to play a big game of x-wing last night here’s the rundown

The Bad

Takes a bit of setup, partly we were learning the game and partly there’s a lot of pieces and of course we were playing a large game 175pts, so lots of models, add-ons etc.  The game NEEDS a good storage system, if you look on boardgamegeek you’ll see a lot about storage solutions.  End of the day it’s a fantasy flight game so if you like your tokens you won’t be disappointed.   Also it’s quite easy to mix up pieces and cards if you’re sharing sets.  Myself and Kieran’s sets are not so much married to each other as a bit engaged.   Again I don’t see this as a big problem as chances are you’ll be using your own models in the future, or one set, as it was a bit battle and we wanted the  maximum amount of models on the table it was quite the orgy of cards and tokens. The game was long.  Again we we’re learning it and it was a big battle.  Took a good 3.5 – 4hrs to finish but we DID finish it and it was excellent all the way through, especially towards the end

The Good

It’s a great little game.  It’s snappy, there’s a nice bit of strategy to it, guesswork, luck, planning, all that sort of good stuff.  It’s simple, the manoeuvre dials are clever and on top of that the models are GOREGOUS.  Have a look at the big photo.  The millennium falcon is a work of art as is slave-1.  In fact all the models look really well and they’re pre-painted. Very important.  You don’t need to get the expansions for it, you could quite happily play with the base game (or two).  I really really like it.  The models all act the way you would expect.  The tie fighters are agile but fragile, the falcon is a tough cookie, the y-wing can take and give a pounding.  The tie interceptor is nice and fast.  The a-wing didn’t make it but lurked in the background.

The game is balanced, the point system is simple and concise.

Slave 1 + Falcon Square off

The game itself

The Imperials took a mix of middle of the road and elite pilots (vader) while the rebels went mostly elite (han solo, Chewbacca) and a few extra weapons The imperial went straight in (well a bit to the right) and let rip with everything on a lone x-wing taking it out first turn for very little return fire.  Swung around and lined up with the converging rebels and it was wild west stuff.  The Y-Wing dishing out a lot of hurt while the falcon hung back and took pot shots.  The imperials concentrated on the fighters and started to take them out whilst the rebels concentrated on slave-1 (a slippery beast).  Y-Wing was destroyed followed by a tie fighter and it was looking very good indeed for the imperials UNTIL the falcon slipped up behind it and let rip with everything doing some serious damage to it.  The show on the other foot slave-1 slinked off hoping to avoid further damage persuaded by an x-wing.  Vader took out another x-wing and 4 Tie fighters harassed the falcon.   The last part of the game saw slave one avoid damage and the falcon eventually cornered and taken to pieces.


I would recommend it.  I would also recommend a smaller game and I think next time we’ll go with one of the scenarios from the manual.

Thanks to all those how took part and I reckon next week it will be to normal programming!



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