So What makes Knavecon Special ? #7

The shops again. It’s not a Knavecon without The Gathering. The guys from the gathering will be joining us once again for another epic day of gaming.  Hosts of the revered Conclave convention, Master of Magic and Purveyors of all things gaming, the lads will be there front and centre on the day.  (Do Not GoingContinue reading “So What makes Knavecon Special ? #7”

Holy Monkeys only 3 days to Knavecon IV

Next Saturday is Knavecon IV.  It’s going to be a GOOD day.  A lot of work has been put in place to make sure it all runs smoothly and I’m looking forward to it.  I’m currently in the eye of the storm having done a lot of prep work and come Saturday I’m looking forwardContinue reading “Holy Monkeys only 3 days to Knavecon IV”