Rex Thur – Being a Drax Report

House Atreides, House Harkoonen, House Corrino, chances are you know the names well and can pronounce Kwisatz Haderach without any difficulty or a throat full of phlegm.  It’s unfortunate that Fantasy Flight didn’t get the rights or didn’t want them or I don’t know why but they didn’t republish the original game DUNE as DUNE they rebootedContinue reading “Rex Thur – Being a Drax Report”

a bit of THIS thur night – Being a Drax Report

Have I read the rules? Of COURSE I’ve read the rules.  I don’t REMEMBER any of the rules but I’ve read them.  a common enough theme for a gaming night.  I was shocked at how much I forgot about Bloodbowl Team Manager, but help was on hand It was summer, we had a smallish groupContinue reading “a bit of THIS thur night – Being a Drax Report”