on an X-Wing and a prayer (just an X-Wing really)

Ok I’m hooked. X-wing fever has caught hold. A sure sign is how my browser (on a number of PCs) seems to think I want squad builder when I press any letter on the keyboard. Being silly season, we were only four last Thur and when deciding on what to play nearly everyone said “X-wing!” AndContinue reading “on an X-Wing and a prayer (just an X-Wing really)”

Never tell me the odds!

I’ve spoken before about X-Wing miniatures game.  It’s a cracker.  Fantasy Flight have really nailed it with this.  It’s Skylanders for grown ups. When I say they’ve nailed it they’ve gotten everything right. Gorgeous pre painted scale models of the ships – CHECK! Great game play – CHECK! Captures the feel of Star Wars –Continue reading “Never tell me the odds!”