Knavecon Star Realms Tournament

The Star Realms tournament will take place at 1pm on Saturday at Knavecon.  Groups of four will compete for a place in the top 4 semi and Final. We will have a number of physical decks available for use or if combatants prefer they can play via the electronic version on the day. Huzzah! Vic

Ascension to the Stars – Star Realms

All hail Star Realms. It out ascension’s Ascension. I first spotted Star Realms at a games night. I didn’t play it, I just saw it and asked what it was like. “Yeah it’s o.k.” I was told.  It’s a compact little number that hides it’s light under a very tidy bushel. You can’t look at StarContinue reading “Ascension to the Stars – Star Realms”