So it Begins…. Diplomacy 2014. Spring 1901


Welcome ladies and gentlemen to what could prove to be the best game of 2014!   Seven players who may have started as friends are now joined in the titanic struggle that is email Diplomacy.

The leaders are as follows

Eoin “Spartan” Kearney Austria
Paul Clancy Russia
Conor Hoary England
Kieran Fitzgerald France
“Patrick” Drax “O’Sullivan” Germany
Joe “Dread Pirate Joe” Morris Italy
Tony Gleeson Turkey

We have a fine mix of experienced and new players.  One things for sure, they’ll never be the same people they were by the time this is over

The ultimate winner will receive a prize of an exclusive Knavecon T-Shirt and a copy of 30 Seconds, but more importantly very public bragging rights.  Turns will be once a week, results and maps posted on the site and my good friend* Bob Burke  will provide a running commentary on how it’s all progressing.

Let the games commence!



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