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Cash and Guns is a pure party game. It was out of print for a long time and the new version is a fine game. However we can make it better…

The original version had the option of an undercover cop and THIS turns the game from a throw away filler to something much more solid by adding a traitor element. Traitors are Such fun in games.

Here’s what you’ll need. A deck of cards or tokens for recording shame and eight cards with “call made” written on one side and eight more cards with the word COP written on one…. I’ll wait while you get that together

Before the game begins secretly deal out the cards so one player is secretly picked as the COP. Everyone checks whom they are discretely. Everyone else are normal mobsters

Mobsters play the game as normal. The cop has a harder but more fun task. They have to Telephone the FBI three times and survive until the end of the game

There’s an extra mechanic for everyone. Shame. Anyone who ducks their character in a shootout gets a shame token. Each of these are worth -5000$ at the end of the game


The game clips on as normal. Once loot has been split up an extra phase takes place. The phone call

Starting with the godfather they pick up the call made card with the blank side face up and place it under the table hidden from everyone. Now IF you’re the cop you have the option of flipping it over secretly before you hand it to the next player under the table who was also standing at the loot share. The card will work its way around and the last player will stick it up on the table showing the call happened or it didn’t

Repeat this exercise for each round. If at the end the cop survives and three calls are made they win otherwise it’s back to first principle and the mobster with the most money wins.

There’s one extra rule which is, the cop cannot have more than one shame token in their possession AFTER the first call was made. So they have to sweat it out til the end

Go on try it. It’s how were going to roll at Knavecon. We had a lash of this last Thur and it really makes the game so much better.



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