Never tell me the odds!

I’ve spoken before about X-Wing miniatures game.  It’s a cracker.  Fantasy Flight have really nailed it with this.  It’s Skylanders for grown ups. When I say they’ve nailed it they’ve gotten everything right. Gorgeous pre painted scale models of the ships – CHECK! Great game play – CHECK! Captures the feel of Star Wars –Continue reading “Never tell me the odds!”

Always wash your Gi before an assasination

Ninjas didn’t Actually wear black. Think about it, if you’re going to sneak up on someone and kill them you’ll stand out like a bad guy on CHiPs if you’re dressed completely head to toe in black. and you unlike everyone else is wearing a mask.  Brought to you by BroScience. Ninja Dice is a niceContinue reading “Always wash your Gi before an assasination”

You’ll need an IV if you’re coming to Knavecon 4….

Knavecon 4 is coming, Saturday August 30th, tell your families you won’t be home, hydrate, spread the word, shower, get your game on. 10am the Castletroy Park Hotel.  It’s going to be good.  Don’t dare miss it! Dramatisation, actual euphoria may vary

This ship is very small, THIS ship is far away

Constonopolos is the grown up cousin of Puerto Rico. Bohemian and edgy, what Puerto Rico wishes it could be If you’ve played Puerto Rico you’ll be in familiar territory. It’s worker placementy but with a different cock blockery. If you haven’t played Puerto Rico you’ve missed out on a classic game and should get thee toContinue reading “This ship is very small, THIS ship is far away”

At Brocon I will Mostly Be Playing…

Planning to bring the following to Brocon for people to try out. Roll through the ages El grande Ribbit Lotr confrontation Constonopolis Fury of Dracula Lords of waterdeep Twilight struggle Netrunner Hey that’s my fish Robo rally Zombicide King of toyko Modern art Skull and roses Werewolf Eight minute empire Cards against humanity Hive ConnectionsContinue reading “At Brocon I will Mostly Be Playing…”

If it ain’t BROCON don’t fix it

Brocon, Limericks Games and Anime convention is rolling around once again on the weekend of the 19th July in UL.  Bigger and Better than Ever Myself and some of the Knaves will be there running boardgaming sessions if anyone wants to drop down and say hello and try a few games out. See you there Huzzah!Continue reading “If it ain’t BROCON don’t fix it”

Thursday Child is full of Win – Part 3 (finally)

Who doesn’t want to take over the world?  Certainly I do and first against the wall would be those that insist I use the word WHOM at the start of a sentence like this We got to play Imperial 2030 on Thur night too.  For those who haven’t tried this or the earlier version (justContinue reading “Thursday Child is full of Win – Part 3 (finally)”