Damn Fine Coffee


Nigel : “You’re all about coffee aren’t you?”

Vic : “OH YES!”

Nigel : “There’s a place in Dublin that does the best coffee in Ireland, it’s near enough to Gaelcon, fancy a coffee break during the con?”

Vic : “Game On!”

So it was that Nigel and Matt from  NWG and my good self set off for  3fe  (Third Floor Espresso) to have afternoon coffee last Sunday. WOW! They make good coffee.


Nigel is a bit of a coffee buff and Matt is French so he has a robust, march in the street opinion on most things and I just like coffee.

They were right, it was good, in fact it was very good. The place itself was full of people when we arrived, but they knew their business and served us up our coffees pretty quick.  For what you got it was good value compared to a lot of coffee houses.  The place reminded me of Starbucks a little but with a much more raw feel to it.  They do food too, but it’s not about that it’s about the coffee experience.  They don’t (which was a surprised) have sugar or milk, oh no no this is about the coffee and the stuff was good, I went back for seconds.

As far as atmosphere went it was pure hipster, I was probably hip for a good ten minutes because I was so out of touch and then we went back to not being hip at all.  Everyone who didn’t have a book had an apple mac and I wouldn’t have been surprised to see USB ports on every table (there weren’t).   I liked the coffee a lot, I liked their setup, I’d like some of their coffee now.  If you’re up that way I recommend a visit, just for the experience. Wear any old thing you’ll more than likely be hip




as a PS here’s where they are




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