Knavecon XX Grande Raffle Part 6

No Raffle would be complete without at least one of these…. “The don’t make ’em like this anymore.” Vg 2022 Well I guess they do but it ruins the intro so we’ll assume they don’t. The original chaos cursed game (actually contains toxic warnings for the pieces). Sin City is a game like no other.Continue reading “Knavecon XX Grande Raffle Part 6”

Knavecon XX Grande Raffle Part 4

Okay you people have left me no choice, I am going to add more to the grande raffle. Kemet, the original. The big bad knife fight in a phonebox game. Defense? PAH! we don’t do that around here. Ragnarok? Namby Pamby stuff. Summon your monsters, march your troops into battle and praise the gods, you’llContinue reading “Knavecon XX Grande Raffle Part 4”