A lot of you will know Ronan the proprietor of Dungeons and Donuts in Galway.  He’s organizing a 24-hour Game-a-thon in the shop in Galway on the 17th October here’s why…

“This is going to be an event to raise money for cancer care west, where a bunch of volunteer gamers will attempt to keep games running in the store for 24 hours from 12pm of the 17th to 12pm on the 18th. Everybody knows someone who has been affected with cancer and this summer gone I was directly affected, as my amazing wife was told she had cancer. That is why we raised money at the last pre-release (almost €1200) and that’s why we are running this 24 hour GAME-A-THON!! Cancer care west are an amazing organisation and any help we can give them will mean a lot to them and all the cancer patients they help.”


I think this is something as gamers we can all get behind.  Knavecon and Brocon are sending on prizes for the event and it’s now being shouted from the roof tops.  So spread the word, get involved



E-mail: Dungeonsanddonutsgalway@gmail.com
TEL: 091 567930

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