More Dead than Alive


“Should I stick with it?” Probably not a good sign when it comes to a TV series. I’m very unforgiving when it comes to TV. The Living Dead leaves me cold (pardon the pun). I read the comic and liked it for long time. I’m
Now a bit bored with it. The TV Series never really blew my head off. I’m going to try and get back into it. I’m on series 3. I’ll see how it goes.

The Walking Dead we played on Thur is based on the comic rather than the TV Series so more the better. The game can be summed up in two words. “Zombie snake”


Remember Snake on the Nokia where you zoomed around with an ever growing trail trying not to crash back into it? Tron light cycles if you will. That’s pretty much the game accept its zombies you leave behind and crossing your own tail means tangling with variable numbers of the not really dead.

You and up to five other players wander around the hexed map trying to complete three objectives in three locations before anyone else does. All the while trying to cock block the other players. The usual shout of “if you do that he’ll win” are regularly heard… It’s grand.

I played this game before and got hooped good and proper. This time I won. I’m still not into it. I love the game but I’m not IN love with it, sorry, it’s not your fault, it’s me not you.

It’s good fun but I see two flaws with it. It’s not interactive enough and its elimination. Oh and it’s shit. No it’s not shit it’s not a bad game it’s certainly not as jaw breakingly boring as Talisman but it has a bit of that vibe.

There are better zombie games out there (Zombicide) and certainly worse ones (zombies). This fits somewhere in the wide divide
Between them. Try it and see if you like it (maybe at Knavecon) . I don’t have strong feeling about it one way or the other




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